November 6, 2020

Commercial Mature Female Hard Crab Catch Limits


Maryland Department of Natural Resources 
Fishing and Boating Services

This notice is given by Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio, Secretary of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, acting pursuant to the proclamation of Governor Lawrence J. Hogan, Jr. (the “Governor”) dated March 5, 2020 proclaiming a state of emergency and a catastrophic health emergency related to COVID-19, as it may be amended or renewed from time to time, and the Order of the Governor dated June 19, 2020 entitled “Amending and Restating the order of March 12, 2020, Extending Certain Licenses, Permits, Registrations, and Other Governmental Authorizations, and Authorizing Suspension of Legal Time Requirements”, as it may be amended from time to time, after finding that the action(s) described herein will not endanger the public health, welfare, or safety.

Daily mature female hard crab bushel limits for the Chesapeake Bay and its tidal tributaries that were in place for October will be extended from November 1, 2020 through November 7, 2020 as described in the table below.

Pursuant to the June 19, 2020 Order, I hereby suspend the bushel limits established under Maryland Regulations until November 8, 2020.

On November 8, 2020, the bushel limits will return to the limits stated in the public notice issued in accordance with the Code of Maryland Regulations

The notice was effective July 1, 2020 and is titled

Commercial Mature Female Hard Crab Catch Limits — July through December 2020.

Crew limits as described in Annotated Code of Maryland, Natural Resources Article, §4-814, are in effect. If crew members are not on board, then the licensee is restricted to the TFL or CB3 bushel limits.

The season for catching crabs in the Maryland Coastal Bays is extended from October 31,
2020 to November 30, 2020 for male and female crabs.

This Notice is effective immediately and shall remain in effect until December 15,

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