Dear Mid-Shore Regional Council (MSRC) Members:

The MSRC was a minor sponsor of a seafood and aquaculture economic impact report produced by BEACON.

BEACON examined the seafood and aquaculture sector consisting of commercial fishing and seafood product preparation and packaging.

These industries represent the seafood and aquaculture commodity producers (i.e. fisherman) and the immediate “downstream” producers, refineries, and manufactures (e.g. marine fuel suppliers).

Caroline is one of the counties for which BEACON does not have data in these industries because there is insufficient economic activity in these subsectors (that remains within the county) that can be measured by the techniques they use.

Below are the BEACON executed reports of the seafood and aquaculture sector for Dorchester County and Talbot County.  Also attached is a sheet explaining the data that was used to produce the report.



Explanation of data – Seafood and Aquaculture

Have a great day!

Scott Warner

Mid-Shore Regional Council


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